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About Crystell Publications

Author Crystal Perkins-Stell founded Crystell Publications after being challenged at a 2001 Commencement to make a difference in someone else’s life. Our founder is proud to announce that Tom Joyner planted the seed for this company to become a reality. Considering the many lives Crystell Publications will inspire over the years, Author Stell believes that selling her car and giving up her 2001 tax return was a very small sacrifice to make for our future leaders.

Crystell Publications was established in 2002 to provide college students with financial assistance. Our goal is to raise income for our scholarship fund through book sales. Twice a year Crystell Publications will grant Course book scholarships to First-Generation and Low-Income college students. As a first-generation/low-income college student, Crystal Stell understands the importance of helping students who fall under these two categories to accomplish their dream of becoming college graduates.

All novels released by Crystell Publications are reality based and written with the intent on broadening one’s horizon while fulfilling a moment of relaxation. All of Author Stell’s current novels include life experiences. Experiences in which she hopes will inspire others in some way.
The unique thing about this company is that you spend a little, but your money will go a very long way……And you get something you’ll truly enjoy in return.

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