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Life Afta Cash Money

Chapter 1
The Rise of a G
Silk Speaks

The Prince Trilogy

“Roosevelt, wake yo punk ass up,” I ranted, slapping his ass as he slept on his sofa. “Roosevelt!” I yelled a second time, kicking him.
     “Hey! Watch that shit, what’s up with that Silk?   Why yo ass kicking a nigga and shit?”
     “Fuck all the trivial conversation, where’s my gotdamn money?”
     “I getting’ it man. I’m just a little behind this month.”
     “Wrong answer. You said that same shit last month and I told you not to be late again, that was my first and final warning…”
     “But, Silk, I’ve been workin’ fo you for three years. Dawg we like brothers. How you gone go off on me over being late two times?”
     “Rose, you been getting’ high off yo’ own supply, and I told you once, a junkie can’t work for me.”
     “I’ll have the money in the morning.”
     “Dude, I’mma save you from yourself,…. Kill this nigga Goldie and meet me outside,” I ordered, walking towards the door.
     “You want me to pop his ass right here in the living room?
     “I said kill this nigga, didn’t I?”
     “Well that fuckin’ means right here… Where this nigga mmet the reaper ain’t no option for him. This ain’t no damn courtesy service.”
     “Chill….. Damn! Man, it’s done..”
     “Silk,” Roosevelt beg.
     “Rose, this ain’t personal, it’s business,” I expressed, cutting him off.
     “Goldie, come on! Nigga we go back….” April 8, 2007 with a single blast to the temple.
     “Damn G, you a cold ass gangsta. You ain’t even let him finish.”
     “Dude, I wanted him to go out with a little dignity, his ass already had compromised our respect. Childhood friend or not, niggas know when you short on payday it can come to this.”

     Goldie was right, once in the game, when you ventured to the land of “Come Up,” the laws for friendship weren’t quite the same. Though when I first started my grind, I always hoped that it would never come down to killing one of my boys, well that day it finally did. Sad to say that after that particular murder, killing seemed to come a little easier, but with money, greed and power, shit has a way of coming back to bite you in the end. I got all kinds of slogans I live by, but like others have said, Karma is a bitch.

     Y’all, Detroit has seen some heavy hittin’ players in its time. Raymond, Butch, Rick, Reg, Holloway, and the list goes on, and on. However, when you look at the current condition of the city, some playas gon’ sleep on the history and the making of the real city of Doe. Get ready as I take you to the streets of Motown and back with the along with the other Prince legacies.

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Kevin and I were beefing before I left the house earlier that Saturday night. After a few drinks and some nowhere conversation with a few dead-end brothas, I was ready to forgive and forget. To make up and surprise my man, I tossed the last of my drink on the bar and decided to leave the club early. 
Around three o’clock in the morning, I pulled into my driveway, immediately noticing a familiar car. At a glance, it looked like Dominique’s, but I knew she wouldn’t be chilling up in my spot with my man. However, we all know that hoes will test their girls at times, so I jumped out of my car and ran up the driveway, rushing into the house. I was hoping I wouldn’t find her inside, because my first intent was to go up in that bitch and raise some real hell. I quietly crept up the stairs to the master bedroom doorway. I peeked through the thin crack, and then tenderly pressed my ear up against the door, trying desperately to eavesdrop on their conversation. 
     “So what the fuck are you saying, Dominique? How you gon’ just fall up over here at this damn time of the mornin’ telling me some bullshit like that?”
     “Kevin, calm down. You should have suspected something long before now. It ain’t like we just gettin’ to know each other. Hell, we’ve been close for the past four years, and for at least the last two, you’ve been trying to get with me.”
     “Fuck all that! How you gon’ sit here and tell me the kind of B.S. you just did and think it’s okay? You think that’s what’s up?”
What the hell did she say? I wondered, wanting to burst into the room and kick both of their asses for violating my trust.
“I should beat the shit out of you,” Kevin fussed, raising his fist to Dominique.
     “Kevin, I knew you would react like this. Whether you like it or not, I’m not changing the way I feel.”
     “I love you, but I love Mercedes more than anything. I’ll kill you before I let you end what I got with her. You ain’t about to go to my woman and tell her nothing about me.”
     “Well, you don’t have a choice. If you don’t tell her, I will. I’m here right now to give you an ultimatum, but I can promise you I didn’t come to ask for your permission. After tonight, everything is coming out, so if you don’t want me to tell her about us, then you better.”
     I pulled my face away from the door, covering my mouth in sheer shock and pain. Suddenly, I could hear a tussle in the room. That’s when I peeked back through the crease of the door, only to observe Kevin dragging Dominique off the bed by her hair. He violently pulled her towards the master bathroom. I slowly eased the door open a few more inches to get a better view.
     “Now what, bitch?!” he yelled, punching her in the face, and then bashing her head up against the side of the tub. “Who the fuck you gon’ tell now?” he asked, viciously snatching her up like a rag doll. “I ain’t the one to be fucked with. You don’t come over to my house, talking about what you gon’ do. Ho, I’m the muthafuckin’ nigga up in here. I tell you what you gon’ do,” he said, kicking her in her ribcage. Without warning the toilet lip flew up and with a fierce slam, he bashed Dominique’s head into the rim of the seat. She screamed out in pain, begging Kevin to stop.
I stood there unable to move, silently watching the man I loved more than anything assault my friend. I feared that if I disclosed my presence, I would be next. Agonized, I listened to Dominique plead for her life.
     “Help me!!!” Dominique screamed, trying to loosen the tight grasp he had on her neck. Kevin responded with three more brutal blows to her face. Bloody saliva and teeth spewed from her mouth. Her cheeks and lips were bruised and beginning to swell. Dark red blood oozed from her nose and spattered onto the porcelain sink, tub, and toilet. Dominique yelled hysterically, clawing at Kevin’s face in self-defense. To quiet her, Kevin forced her head inside the bowl and held it under water until the fight went out of her body.
     “Now bitch, I bet you’ll think twice next time before you decide to come over to a nigga’s house to set the record straight,” he hissed, hocking a wad of spit at her. Dominique’s body went limp and fell to the floor. The reality of the situation finally hit home, so I forced open the door.
     “Kevin, what the hell have you done?” I asked, storming into the bedroom.
     “Fuck that bitch. She came over here making advances on me and I had to let her know that you were the only woman I wanted,” he lied with a straight face.
     “That didn’t mean you had to beat her like that,” I calmly said, trying to help her into a sitting position.
     “What the hell you doing?”
     “Trying to help her up. We have to get her to the hospital or she’s gonna die.”
     “Die! That bitch is already dead,” he said.
     “You killed her?” I asked, reaching for her neck to find a pulse.
     “Fuck yeah!” he coldly declared. “Any bitch that tries to come between me and mines gon’ get they head split to the white meat. I don’t care if it’s a nigga or a hoe, they violate our bond, it’s an automatic date with the grim one himself.”
     “Kevin, stop playin.’ You sound crazy. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know we can’t let her lay here. We’ve gotta get some kind of help.”
     “Some help! You mean the coroner. Didn’t you hear what I said? I said that bitch is dead.”
     “Dead?” I repeated, feeling the tears well up in my eyes. “Shit, you didn’t have to kill her!” I screamed, panicked. “I mean, what are we gonna do with her body?”
     “I know what we ain’t gonna do. I know we ain’t ‘bout to go to prison for no trick.”
     “You’re outta you’re mind!”
     “No I ain’t. I know if you say shit to anyone about this, I’ll tell them you came home, caught us making love, and went on a jealous rampage,” he explained matter-of-factly.
     “That’s a gotdamn lie!” I screamed.
     “I know it is, but you and I are the only two alive in this room that know the truth,” he paused, looking over at me with deadened eyes. “Now go get me some damn sheets. We gon’ wrap this bitch up and get rid of her ass.”
     “Get rid of her?”
     “That’s what I said.”
     “And how we gonna do that?”
     “Shit, I don’t know. I ain’t never killed nobody before and had to dispose of a body.”
     “I can’t believe this shit. This is unreal.”
     “Stop all that damn noise and just get some damn sheets.”
     “Man, you’re one cold nigga.”
     “Naw, you just need to shut up and follow my instructions. I killed this bitch for you.”
“You ain’t kill no damn body for me,” I lashed out, leaving the room due to his logic sickening me to the core.
     I returned with a stack of white sheets from the linen closet. Kevin slid Nique’s body on top of them and wrapped her up like an egg-roll. Afterwards, he tossed her over his shoulder and carried her out to her car. He deposited her body onto the back seat like a sack of potatoes. I was stunned at his detached demeanor, and very certain that he’d lost his mind.
     “Follow me,” he insisted.
     “Shit, I’m not driving that car with her body in there. What if she comes to and tries to fight me?”
     “Stop acting like you’re stupid. You’ve been watching too much fucking television. This is real life. It ain’t the movies. Dominique is dead, not playing dead. Now get your ass in that car and let’s go,” Kevin demanded, running out of patience.
     “Why you can’t drive her car?” I asked.
     “Because, I’m six-foot five, and she drives a damn Focus. Now how that’s gon’ look?” When I didn’t reply, he shoved me hard in my back to get my attention. “Now come the hell on. Get her keys and let’s bounce before the sun comes up.”

     I followed him like I was instructed. Once we got on the highway, Kevin punched out. We were doing at least eighty miles an hour in a sixty speed zone, at five o’clock in the morning. This was clear grounds for a ticket. As we merged onto I-35, a police car hiding on the opposite side of the underpass clocked us. As expected, he peeled out of his hiding place, hit the lights and siren, and came zipping after us. Of course, Kevin straight panicked. He floored his ride, so I did the same. I tried to stay as close to him as possible, hoping that he would make a sharp right turn or something and lose the cop, but a high speed police chase ensued and soon several other police cars joined in. I felt like O.J. Simpson in his white Ford Bronco. I realized there was no way out, but I kept rolling with Kevin. Stopping my car and explaining the dead body in my back seat didn’t seem like much of an option at the time. 
        As we came up over a hill on the highway, a ten car police barricade hindered our path of escape. I knew it was over and I think Kevin did as well. He slammed his brakes and came to a rapid stop. I halted about ten feet behind him, waiting for a sign. I know this nigga ain’t about to try no ‘Set it Off’ moves with all those police surrounding us. I watched in trepidation as his car slowly inched forward.
     “Get out of your car with your hands up, NOW!” the police ordered over the megaphone.
     I noticed Kevin’s door slowly opening. He eased out with his hands up and walked a few feet away from his car.
     “Get down on the ground and spread your legs and arms apart,” the officer further instructed.
     Kevin got on his hands and knees. Suddenly, he paused, as if to reconsider his surrender. With no warning at all, he reached in his back gun holster, pulled out his nine, and blew his fucking brains out in the middle of the highway.
     “Noooooooooooo!” I screamed, jumping out of Dominique’s car. His body slumped over and hit the pavement with a bouncing smack. “You muthafuckin’ bastard!” I yelled, realizing that he’d left me holding the bag. 
     “Miss, please get down on the ground now, or we’ll be forced to shoot you,” a police officer instructed with his gun pointed at my chest.
     “How you gon’ leave me here like this? How you gon’ do me like that?” I cried out to Kevin, collapsing onto the ground in defeat.  How did I get myself into this shit? I wondered as tears streamed down my face.
     “Lay down on the ground and spread ‘em,” another officer yelled, snapping me back to the present. I spread out on the cold black highway lane, and cried like a baby. I knew that once the officers searched the car, I would be 3 for 3 in my losses. I’d lost my best friend, my man, and was about to lose my life as I knew it.
     An officer ran to my side and roughly cuffed my wrists together.  “Why the hell are you out here driving like a damn maniac? You could have killed somebody,” he fussed, frisking me down. “Get your black ass up off the ground.” Numb with disbelief, I did as instructed.
        I glanced over at Kevin’s distorted body before an officer covered his corpse with a white sheet. Bitch ass nigga, I hope your weak, sorry, stupid ass burns in hell for leaving me hanging like this.
The officer helped me to my feet, and then walked me over to his squad car.
     “Oh my God!” I heard someone cry out, just as I was being positioned into the backseat of the car. The body had obviously been discovered.
     “What is it Greg?” the arresting officer asked.
     “We got a body!” the other officer explained.
        A cold look came off the mug of the officer dealing with me as he forcefully shoved me into a sitting position on his seat.
     “Miss, you know you’re in a lot of trouble, don’t you?” he asked, removing a toothpick from his mouth to ensure that I heard him correctly.   
     I didn’t say a word. I had seen shit like this so many times on Court TV. I knew to keep my mouth closed if I ever wanted to see the light of day again.
     “What you got to say for yourself?” the officer smirked, expecting a confession.“Not a damn thing,” I replied, allowing him to read me my Miranda Rights.

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